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Oil droppers are a tool that is used in spell and ritual work, for intention, and inspiration. You can use them to anoint your tools, petitions, candles, spells, spell jars and bottles, mojo bags, photos, items, or yourself. Also safe to use in the bath and safe to use on your skin. They can be used by themselves or in conjunction with your spells, and/or rituals that are associated with your selected intention. These oils are beautifully scented and can be used as a body oil, perfume, etc. They are made with genuine crystals, all organic herbs and flowers, 100% Pure therapeutic grade essential oils and carrier oils. ***PLEASE PUT IN THE NOTES WITH YOUR ORDER IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ANYTHING SO THAT WE CAN FIND A SUBSTITUTE FOR YOU***

All items used in your products are charged and cleansed before shipping. Products are hand made and made to order for best quality.

How to use;

Hold the oil dropper in your hands and think of exactly what you want it to do for you. Before each use, gently shake the bottle to ensure all contents are mixed thoroughly. Then apply a couple drops onto your temples, pulse points on the neck and wrists, above your heart, and/or the bottoms of your feet. If you want to use it in the bath, just drop a few drops into your bath water. Avoid contact with eyes and any other sensitive areas. Avoid direct sunlight where you applied the oil until the oil is completely dry. ** *START WITH A PATCH TEST BY PUTTING A SMALL AMOUNT ON YOUR WRIST AND WAIT 24HOURS TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE CLEAR OF ANY ADVERSE OR ALLERGIC REACTION. IF ANY ADVERSE REACTIONS, ALLERGIC REACTION OR SKIN SENSITIVITY OCCURS, DO NOT CONTINUE USING THIS PRODUCT***

For longevity, KEEP OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT & store at room temperature. Please note that since all products are made by hand and for each individual customer, items inside of the droppers will vary.

Plastic Oil Droppers

  • For external use only. Do not consume. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Always consult with your physician if you are nursing, pregnant, or have any pre-existing conditions. Gold Dust Grimoire | Kaitlyn is not responsible for any adverse reaction; always do a patch test and discontinue if irritation occurs. Gold Dust Grimoire is not responsible for the mishandling of ANY items sold. Gold Dust Grimoire accepts no liability over the decisions or actions of any client.

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