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💥Introducing our Protection Car Charms! This enchanting piece is perfect for hanging from your Rearview mirror, ensuring your safety and well-being on the road. Our Protection Car Charms are made with organic herbs and flowers, genuine crystals and other corresponding items. They will bring a sense of peace and protection to your journeys. Each item is handmade, by Kaitlyn herself, guaranteeing an unique and one-of-a-kind treasure. Drive with confidence knowing you have the power of this magical protective car charm! Each item used to create this product is cleansed, charged and set with a powerful protection ritual done by Kaitlyn. 💥 All Protective Car Charms are sealed and are not intended to be opened. They will come on a chain with an intuitively chosen charm and bell. ✨ **You can customize your order by clicking on the "Customize" option and you can also put a note with your order stating if you want glitter, no glitter or a certain color glitter**✨ All products are made by hand and may vary slightly in appearance.

Protective Car Charm

  • Do not ingest. Keep away from children and pets. Glass Jar is breakable. Handle with care. Product is not intended to be opened. Gold Dust Grimoire/ Kaitlyn is not responsible for the mishandling of ANY items sold. Gold Dust Grimoire accepts no liability over the decisions or actions of any client.

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