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100 percent genuine crystal. Selenite is the only crystal that can charge itself and all the other crystals around it! It is known for its powerful healing. It promotes peace and calm, mental clarity and well-being. Selenite is said to be powerful enough to clear negative energies and to reprogram all your crystals. It is said to help in expanding your awareness and contacting your Spiritual Guides and Angels. It is believed to help enter the dream realm and aid with intuition and to enter a meditative state. They are said to have a fine vibration that brings mental clarity while dispelling confusion allowing you to see the bigger picture. Selenite is often placed in every corner of the home to promote a peaceful environment while keeping negative influences at bay. Selenite is named for Selene, an ancient Moon goddess. Exchanged between lovers, it will bring about reconciliation.

Selenite Wands

  • This product may contain small pieces that could be a choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Gold Dust Grimoire is not responsible for the mishandling of ANY items sold. Gold Dust Grimoire accepts no liability over the decisions or actions of any client.

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