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These beautifully dressed spell candles are handmade by Kaitlyn herself. Each candle will be made specifically for the intention you prefer with a powerful blend of corresponding herbs, flowers and crystals. Lots of energy and time goes into each product that is handmade but these candles are charged and cleansed during the dressing process. These candles can be used in your self-care, intention setting, divination, protection, cleansing, ritual practices, and much more. These are great for assisting other spells or to be used on their own.
Please be careful when burning candles. Place them on a fireproof surface, in a cauldron or appropriate fireproof candle holder or vessel and clear the area of all flammable materials before burning. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Please use your full discretion when using any flammable product. Do not move the candle container while burning or if the wax is hot. Keep away from drafts.
You are responsible for the candle, the energy it holds, and the intention bound to it once you’ve brought it to life with flame.
Never blow your candle out, if you must extinguish the flame, do so by snuffing it.
Remove any items you feel uncomfortable burning or would like to use before lighting your candle. You can lay them at the base of the candle, the energy will still emit. YOU CAN TAKE OUT ANY LARGER ITEMS IN THIS CANDLE WHEN IT'S WARM ENOUGH, SOME HERBS MAY SIZZLE, NO MORE THAN LOOSE INCENSE WOULD, JUST STAY WITH IT & THEY WILL SINK DOWN INTO THE WAX ALONG WITH THE CRYSTALS.

** Due to the nature of this product, there may be some loose herbs inside the package after delivery. This is normal due to transit but when shipped out they are wrapped carefully to keep them safe on their travels to you. Please note that this product is made by hand and per order so the contents of the item will vary.**

Spell Candles

  • Upon receipt of candle, set intentions before lighting. You may burn the candle all at once, or burn in intervals. Please snuff your candles to put them out. Never blow them out. Once the candle is gone, properly dispose of the remnants.

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